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StreetEasy Alert! StreetEasy has changed and this is IMPORTANT to you!

What has changed on StreetEasy and why this is important to you?! StreetEasy is now charging brokers $3 a day to post rentals. Due to this StreetEasy lost 55% of their rental listings on July 18th. Even as a renter you should work with a broker to make sure you are seeing all the listings that are available to you in the RLS (Residential Listing Service). As a landlord you should speak to your broker if you want to know if they will be marketing your listing on StreetEasy.

StreetEasy also implemented a program where brokers can pay to have their name pop up instead of the listing agent when a buyer makes an inquiry. Most buyers don’t know this is happening and are very confused when they arrive for a showing. You should work with a buyer’s broker who can screen and schedule appointments for you. 90% of all residential real estate deals are done via co-broke so why wouldn’t you want a buyer’s broker you select in advance so you know that someone is looking out for you?! You can still search on StreetEasy, but have your broker reach out.

Lastly, just one day after the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) debuted its syndicated listings service, Brown Harris Stevens, Town Residential, Compass and Stribling & Associates stopped feeding sales and rental listings to the StreetEasy (Zillow-owned portal). These firms make up 20% of the inventory.

Now it is even more important to make sure you are working with a broker to be certain you are seeing all your options! Facts you need to know! Contact me for questions.

• Street Easy lost 55% of their rental listings since July 18th
• Street Easy lost 20% of their sales listings since August 2nd
• 90% of all residential real estate deals are completed via co-broke (agents representing both sides)

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