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How can I protect myself from surprise costs if I buy an apartment in a small building?

I’m thinking about buying an apartment in a smaller building (10 units). I’m concerned, though, that if anything goes wrong I’ll be on the hook for a lot of money, much more so than in a large building where those expenses would be shared by more neighbors. Are there any warning signs that the building may turn out to be a major financial burden? Click here to read more

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Everything you need to know when buying an apartment for your (grown) kid…

While no one knows for sure how many of the city’s half-million co-op and condo apartments have been purchased by parents for their adult children, real estate brokers and managing agents say they have seen more parents shopping for apartments for their adult children since the post-2008 recovery began. Click here to read more

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What should my building know if we’re considering adding a green roof?

My building wants to add a green roof, and we want to be able to use it, too. What are the requirements for a green roof, and how much will it cost? Will it add significantly to our property values? We don’t want too large of an assessment, and are also interested in what kind of subsidies are available. Click here to read more

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What’s more important to you – a window in the kitchen or bathroom?

If you had to choose, would you pick an apartment with a windowed kitchen so you could stare at the skyline while chopping veggies, or a window in your bathroom to let the steam out as you shower? (Both are rare enough in the city that brokers brag about them in listings.) Well, it turns out the answer is as unique as the five New Yorkers we spoke to this week… Click here to read more

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Checklist: All the information you should leave with an apartment or pet sitter before you leave town…

If you’re heading out of town for summer vacation, it can feel like enough of an effort to make sure you’re packed, have your tickets at the ready, and didn’t leave any major crises behind at work. But if you’re asking someone to stop in and keep an eye on your apartment or pet while you’re gone, you’ll need to do more than just hand over the keys (or leash). Click here to read more

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New Yorkers love a Pet Friendly Building!

Say you don’t have a dog or cat—and aren’t necessarily planning to introduce a four-legged anything to your living space. Would you still want to live in a building that welcomes furry friends? Read on for five takes on the topic… Click here to read more

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A first-time buyer wonders: co-op, condo, or house?

If you’re thinking of purchasing in New York, you’ll have to decide between three main types of properties: houses, condos, and cooperatives (better known as co-ops). We were familiar with houses and condos, but co-ops were a different beast. They seemed cheaper overall, but had relatively expensive monthly fees. And, as we got deeper into our search, we realized the differences were stark.

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Life expectancy is up in NYC

Fewer New Yorkers are dying prematurely (defined as before age 65)—a decline of 18.9 percent since 2006—and the infant mortality rate decreased by over 27 percent since that same time. And one of the biggest changes of all was to the teen birth rate, which went down by 46.8 percent. That said, health outcomes for New Yorkers vary significantly depending on where they live, and residents of lower-income neighborhoods have lower life expectancies than those in more affluent ones. Click here to read more

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Does a minor association with fame help an NYC apartment listing?

It’s not only rough out there for apartment-seeking New Yorkers: When it comes to attracting the attention of potential buyers and renters, brokers face fierce competition, too. According to the Huffington Post, NYC is home to a whopping 27,000 brokers, and in order to distinguish themselves in such a crowded playing field, they sometimes have resort to creative tactics. Click here to read more

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What repairs are covered by the co-op building?

I’m thinking of buying a co-op, but unclear on some of the financial responsibilities—if there’s a problem in my apartment (a leak, electrical issues, etc.), what am I responsible for paying for, and what will the co-op cover? Click here to read more

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Pre-war, post-war or new construction—which is right for you?

Pre-war is defined by prior to World War II (roughly before 1945). Post-war is after World War II (roughly the 1950’s onward). And then of course there is new construction! Read this article to get more information. Click here to read more

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Co-op versus condo: Which is best for you?

FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS MUST READ! Coop versus Condo – This article will help you understand the difference, but still make sure to talk to your broker about the pros and cons of both and they can help you decide what you are best suited for based on our personal needs and financial situation. Click here to read more

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What to do if your landlord buyout falls through…

Make sure you have a good attorney when considering a buyout. Click here to read more

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Ask an Expert: How often do maintenance fees go up?

How often do coop maintenance fees go up and what you can expect….When buying in a coop it is always good to look at the history of the maintenance increases over the last 5-10 years. Click here to read more