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How to reduce your tax bill when selling your NYC apartment

New Yorkers who are selling their apartments for the first time may find themselves taken aback by how much money they have to pony up in the process. Closing costs can run up to 8-10 percent of the sales price of your home, with taxes accounting for a fair chunk of that. Click here to read more

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The real value of having a storage unit in your NYC apartment building

How much value does a storage unit add to the resale value of an apartment? Clearly, a storage unit can be a competitive advantage at resale time. But for a sense of how much it adds in greenbacks, we checked in with a couple of our experts. Click here to read more

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The 12 Best Landlords in Manhattan: A Brick Underground Guide

Bad landlords are in the news on a near-daily basis in New York, and for good reason. News editors seek out conflict to attract audiences—the old saying is that “if it bleeds, it leads”—and landlord-tenant relations have been contentious since feudal times. Indeed, Public Advocate Letitia James just released her annual Landlord Watchlist, highlighting owners with some of the worst repair records in the city. But less well represented in the public eye are landlords who quietly keep their tenants happy, or at least keep up their buildings well. That’s where this list comes in. Click here to read more

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The buyer’s and renter’s guide to the NYC elementary school game

In Brick Underground’s parent’s guide to buying and renting in NYC, we covered the ins and outs of finding an appropriate place to live with kids. Now we’re taking a closer look at the one issue besides price that may influence a parent of young children’s real estate decision more than any other: elementary school options. Click here to read more

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The neighborhoods with the biggest property value increases in NYC—and where prices could spike next

New York real estate prices seemingly move at the speed of light. At a time when demand across the city is high, and New Yorkers are willing to move ever-further into the outer boroughs in search of affordable prices, it’s hard to grasp how quickly the market has changed and continues to. And as an industry expert will tell you, real estate here is hyper-specific, with pricing heavily influenced by local factors like gentrification, subway access, and new development projects. So though it’s crucial to understand the major forces affecting the city’s housing market as a whole, your apartment hunt will require

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Do condo and co-op board members have to disclose conflicts of interest?

The state legislature recently passed a law that will make life a little more difficult, and legislators hope, a little less ripe for self-dealing, for co-op and condo board members. Click here to read more:

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4 things you really need to know about your NYC radiators

Radiators are so very New York, and if you live in an older New York City building, chances are you have one. That’s because most New York buildings are steam-heated, meaning oil or gas is heated in a boiler and steam is then distributed throughout the building. And as every New Yorker knows, radiators can be quirky, setting about hissing and clanking just when you’re going to sleep, for example. Or going from zero to 60 (or more like 30 to 90) in a minute flat. Or worse, not turning on at all on even the coldest of winter days. Click

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Buying a condo in NYC? Here’s how to tell if new construction is quality construction

Prospective buyers of apartments in new buildings in New York are faced with more choices than ever before. Beyond the questions of how big an apartment you’re looking for, at what price, and in what neighborhood, new construction brings the added variable of whether the construction work is any good. No seller or landlord is going to tell you his or her work is shoddy, but choosing wrong can turn your dream apartment into years of headaches and expensive contractors. So how do you know you’re getting quality construction in a brand spanking new building? Click here to continue reading:

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Tipping Building Staff Over The Holidays: Brick Underground’s 2017 Guide

It’s easy to view tipping your building staff as just another headache alongside gift shopping, meal planning, holiday-party hangovers and all the rest. Another way to look at it is a bright spot in a tough time: Tipping is your opportunity to show your thanks to the hardworking staff who keep your building running efficiently–especially as the season of giving progresses and your doorman or concierge (if you have one) begins to double as your personal package handler. Click here to read more:

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I want to combine two apartments. Can I buy hallway space?

There are many moving parts to this kind of project. Our experts say your first step should be having a licensed architect draw up and present your renovation plans to the city Department of Buildings, as well as to your co-op or condo board. Click here to read more:

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How to Break a Lease!

There are all sorts of reasons renters might want to break a lease—your job moves, your roommates are horrible, you’re going through a bad breakup. After all, most people’s lives don’t always line up tidily with a 12-month lease. Ending a lease early is a pretty standard thing in the world of real estate, but unless you’re relocating for work and have an employer willing to pay for the balance of your rent (lucky you), you’ve got some financial responsibilities to face before you leave. Click here to read more

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Top 5 Foreign Buyers- China, Canada, UK, Mexico & India

One market’s loss, is another market’s gain. Countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand are starting to see foreign buying tapering. However, the United States is starting to see a surge in foreign buying according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). These numbers are showing explosive growth in both the transactions, and dollar volume. Click here to read more

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Do you need a co-signer for your rental? Here are some options you should know in advance…

If, like so many of us, you don’t happen to have a stellar credit report and earn an annual salary that’s 40 to 45 times your monthly rent—two criteria that most NYC landlords require prospective renters to meet—you may have a tough time qualifying for an apartment in the city. Click here to read more

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Buyers & Tenants – It won’t cost you any more to have your own agent represent you

You’ve probably heard it before, but here it is defined: “Co-broking” occurs when two agents work together—one representing the buyer, and the other for the seller (or, in the case of a rental, the landlord)—to complete (i.e. co-broker) a deal. The commission is split between the two agents. Click here to read more