December 6, 2017

My new condo isn’t what it seemed. How do I go about suing the developer?

When buying in a condo building, particularly new construction, it’s not always possible to catch every problem through research before closing.

“If it’s a brand-new building and you’re the first person to occupy the building, you walk through and see this beautiful, brand-new apartment, you say, ‘This is fabulous,’ but you have no idea what’s going on sight unseen beneath those beautiful finishes,” says Bonnie Reid Berkow, a founding partner at the real estate law firm Wagner Berkow. “It’s important to, if you can, have an expert review the plans, look through as much as they can of the building, to walk through the building and see if there are any obvious issues. But a lot of times leaks you won’t see for some time. Floors buckling due to heat and humidity, that’s a very common problem. They used the wrong material for a skylight. And you might not know that for some time until leaks or other damages develop.”

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