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These 18 New York City landlords allow temporary walls

Walls may not talk, but if they could they would tell you lots of secrets about living in New York City. Here’s one: Some walls are fake, and for many people, that makes all the difference in being able to afford their dream of living in New York City. Click here to read more

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How to get your security deposit back: Self defense for NYC renters

As part of Brick Underground’s ongoing effort to demystify the New York City rental experience, we’re turning our attention to the best tactics for getting prompt and full return of your security deposit from your landlord. Click here to read more

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How to sell your New York City apartment in a buyer’s market

Hear that? The sound of a needle skipping across a record? That’s what some New Yorkers who are trying to sell their apartments now are experiencing. After years of watching their neighbors snag increasingly higher prices for their apartments, the music has changed. Click here to read more

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9 ways to negotiate your rent when renewing your lease

As we enter peak rental season—rents typically begin to rise in early May and peak in July for New York, according to a report from RentHop – there’s less and less room for negotiating your renewal lease. The good news is that rents have been stagnating in the past year, and landlord concessions have been on the rise, at least for higher-end new developments. Click here to read more

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The most affordable neighborhoods in New York City: A 2018 buyer’s guide

It’s always a battle for affordability in New York City. As the luxury real estate market cools, buying into some of the city’s less expensive neighborhoods continues to get more and more competitive by the minute. Click here to read more

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How much does outdoor space add to the price of an NYC apartment?

Outdoor space is not all concrete and asphalt in New York City. Many New Yorkers get to step outside for a morning coffee on a landscaped terrace or to dine al fresco in a leafy private backyard. In fact, one in seven residences sold in the city last year included some sort of private outdoor space, according to appraisal firm Miller Samuel. Click here to read more

January 25, 2018 0 Comments

Closing costs: A guide for NYC buyers and sellers

One of the most surprising aspects of buying or selling a New York City apartment—and thus, one of the more stressful—is the amount you’ll spend on closing costs, potentially tens of thousands of dollars that get tacked onto the purchase or sale of a home. Click here to read more

December 23, 2017 0 Comments

These Are NYC’s Neighborhoods to Watch in 2018

Every December, StreetEasy puts together a top 10 list of NYC neighborhoods to watch in the coming year. The list predicts areas that buyers, renters and sellers should keep their eye on for increased interest and rising prices, based on four key factors: annual change in median sales and rent price, listing views on StreetEasy and new certificates of occupancy (an indicator of newly completed construction) filed with the city. Click here to read more

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14 reference letter dos and don’ts for getting your co-op board package to the top of the stack

All co-op boards require personal letters of reference from prospective buyers. They are references written by close friends who can vouch faithfully for your character. Typically, two to four are required, printed in duplicates. Here are some rules of thumb for how to make sure yours don’t get tossed aside. Click here to read more

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5 ways to tell if the NYC apartment you want to buy is about to get hit with an assessment

When you finally find an apartment that fits your needs–and maybe even some of your wants–there’s still more to think about than just your monthly carrying costs. Beyond the mortgage, maintenance, and utilities, there is also the possibility that you could get hit with an assessment at any given moment. That could mean an extra fee in the four-, five-, or even six-figure range for building expenses that are too big to be covered by the monthly maintenance or other charges. Click here to read more

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Hidden costs and property value bonuses of NYC loft apartments

New York City apartment buyers are drawn to lofts for their character, a precious commodity in a city increasingly crowded with glassy towers. Click here to read more

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10 places to check out in a NYC neighborhood before you move there

When looking for a place to live, the apartment is obviously your primary focus. But while you’re obsessing over square-footage, commute times, and dollar amounts, it’s possible to lose sight of the fact that apartments are located in neighborhoods, which are filled with lots of people who already live there. And even though you’ll spend much of your time inside, your neighbors can have a profound affect on your experience of living somewhere. Click here to read more

December 11, 2017 0 Comments

How to rent in NYC as a non-citizen

Relocating to New York is both exciting and daunting, but non-citizens without a U.S. financial history face a few additional challenges. As of the last Census, there were over 3 million foreign-born people living in the city, so this isn’t exactly a niche predicament. For those transferring with work, the employer will often supply an employment letter with an income projection, which is an important document when looking for housing. The company may also connect incoming employees with a relocation expert who can help navigate the process. Click here to read more

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My new condo isn’t what it seemed. How do I go about suing the developer?

When buying in a condo building, particularly new construction, it’s not always possible to catch every problem through research before closing. “If it’s a brand-new building and you’re the first person to occupy the building, you walk through and see this beautiful, brand-new apartment, you say, ‘This is fabulous,’ but you have no idea what’s going on sight unseen beneath those beautiful finishes,” says Bonnie Reid Berkow, a founding partner at the real estate law firm Wagner Berkow. “It’s important to, if you can, have an expert review the plans, look through as much as they can of the building, to walk through